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Dual-Spring Magnetic Center Shock Kit V2

Dual-Spring Magnetic Center Shock Kit V2

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This is the second version of our wildly successful dual-spring magnetic center shock kit.

This kit features a slimmer main body with the ability to mount the magnet holder above or below the main body in order to provide more clearance for plastic hard bodies, a slightly shorter shaft (31mm from middle of each ball socket) along with an improved design for the droop nut and ride height adjustment nut which now both feature an embedded o-ring to stop any loosening due to heavy vibration. Also included is a revised spring retainer featuring a little more width to better seat the included springs and a slightly reduced inner diameter which results in a tighter fit to the plastic ball socket.

Standard features include:

- Adjustable droop

- Adjustable rear suspension travel

- The ability to change and remove the main spring without disassembling the shock

For most RWD 1/28 chassis that uses a center top shock. This shorter shaft version may not be compatible with your chassis. There is a longer shaft available separately.

installation on a MR-03 may require additional parts- see our free 3D files to mount on a stock Kyosho RWD kit

Designed in Canada, Made in China


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