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About us:

The owner of Mini-Car Club of Canada started racing 1/10 scale radio controlled cars in the late 1990's with local success. Backed by solid performances in 1/10 scale, he started to race 1/5 scale cars where he raced globally at world events.

Leaving the radio controlled car scene for many years, his initial mentor got him back into radio controlled car racing, specifically 1:28 scale car racing. He found this scale fun, cheapest of all the scales and accessible to everyone; beginners and pros alike.

Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) was started as a non-profit club meant to provide a racing opportunity for families and to promote the radio controlled car scene. The strategy was to align with local hobby shops, setup a temporary track and lap counting system in their parking lots and hold races. This initiative was supported well by the hobby shops but challenges soon arose as not many racers wanted to put in the time to help setup and teardown at each event. This left the same small group of hardcore racers doing all the work. Eventually the club became private where racing events were held for a select group of friends only.

In fall 2009, it was decided to take 1:28 scale racing to the next level. November 09 saw the launch of one of the largest permanent 1:28 scale racing facilities in Canada. 

MC3 is one of Canada's largest and best stocked 1:28 scale online stores.

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English: contact@minicarclubofcanada.com 


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English sales number (Canada): 1-647-519-8074


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Legal Name (registered in Canada): Mini-Car Club of Canada