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MRX 2wd Linkless pan car kit

MRX 2wd Linkless pan car kit

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Atomic MRX is our new 1:28 pan car series which make use of “Link-less Rear Pod” design; meaning the traditional side links is removed from the car.
Center pivot and Bearing-supported rear guide rail system is introduced. This new system allows driver to brake harder and accelerate earlier while offering greater stability and consistency when braking/accelerating and steering input overlap as the rear pod movement is independent from chassis roll.
You can feel the car drive more consistently and more predictable. Moreover, we do not have to worry about breaking side links during a race. One more benefit of Link-less system is you do not have to worry about the battery wire interfering with the side link and makes the car behave strangely.

Other new features:
 Front Knuckle ball head position is 1.5mm pushed outward compared to MRZ SF or EX. Scrub radius is further decreased, and this will increase the corner speed and reduce the chance of traction rolls.
 Direct Drive Steering system: steering crank is removed to minimize play and slop from the system. You can feel the car steer more precise and react faster to your fingers.
 Caster angle adjustable: 0 or 2 degrees.
 New design battery mount which makes the change of batteries easier and does not need to remove the center damper anymore.
 Stock car come with Brass chassis.
 Side wing can be added to the chassis plate to add stability (optional parts and assorted sizes of side wings will be available)
 Vertical side spring system conversion will be available as option.
 Rear Lexan body mount for touring bodies will be available too. (rear body post will not come out from side windows anymore)
 SF (simple front) and EX (double arm) suspension system will be available as option as well

**for typical Kyosho hard body which is normally 2mm offset narrow front rim and 3mm offset wide rear rim, use awd rims Front n-1 and rear w+2

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