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CA45M 1/10 M-chassis clear body for 210-225mm wheelbase car

CA45M 1/10 M-chassis clear body for 210-225mm wheelbase car

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CA45-M, a new contenderbody shellcontender for the 1/10 M-Chassis class

This project was born from the desire to expand our range of bodies for the 1/10 MINI category by offering a design that reproduces the volumes of the C segment.

The CA45-M body represents the best result of performance and aesthetics into the same product, a great mix with modern and aggressive look.

Premium Quality first of all

Our philosophy leads us not to settle for mediocrity or speculation, for each project we always pursue the same common thread: the best or nothing. To obtain products that fully meet our expectations, we dedicate months of virtual design and rendering in order to allow us to evaluate any improvements or details to be corrected.

QUALITY without any compromise is the basis of everything we make, the CA45-M body shell represents the perfect implementation of our philosophy that drives us to do better and that encourages us to make use of our know-how acquired in over 15 years of experience.

Bittydesign Engineering is synonymous with guarantee, authenticity and innovation.

Product Features

The body it's UNIVERSAL and fit all the 1/10 M-chassis cars on the market with 210-225mm wheelbase; can be mounted on the 4WD chassis as well on the cars with front wheel drive (2WD).

  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Included in the kit a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing
  • Produced only in Light Weight 0,75mm version 
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut and windows mask

Performance and realism all rolled into one!

Inspired by the shapes of a real car, we have skillfully created enlarged TCR-style fenders by adapting the proportions and measurements necessary for use with the most common M-chassis models on the market.

The design phase took several months to finish every single particular, the attention to detail was obsessive in order to propose a body that could optimize aerodynamics in the best possible way and at the same time remain as faithful as possible to the real car of us then transformed into a "racing" version.

3D Cad design & engineering

In order to respect our quality standards, we have not set any limits and we have realized the CA45-M project with the use of the most advanced graphics and Cad design; this process guarantees a perfect execution of the forms and details that high-tech machinery realize with 5-axis CNC milling machines.

The product we deliver in the hands of the enthusiast represents the best available on the market today, we exploit and make full use of the most advanced technology to guarantee a result that represents at best the Italian excellence.

Ready to improve your model's performance?

Thanks to the excellent aerodynamics that features the CA45-M body, you will be able to push your M-chassis model to the maximum, you will feel an immediate very positive driving feeling and you will be captured every time by its modern look.


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