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Multi-function charger / discharger equipped with a dedicated program that is ideal for Mini-Z that covers from beginners to race users

The MINI-Z Charger EVO is a compact size charger that fits in the palm of your hand, yet it is a multifunctional charger / discharger that is ideal for MINI-Z, covering everyone from users who enjoy MINI-Z as leisure to race users who want to maximize battery performance. Its most distinctive feature is that it is equipped with a total of five operation modes, charging / discharging / cycle / analysis / activation, which are suitable for battery charging / discharging and management. The (maximum 1.5A *) / discharge current (maximum 1.0A *) / delta peak cutoff voltage (3mV to 15mV) can be set arbitrarily. In addition, these settings are not canceled unless the charger is turned off, and are applied to all slots, eliminating the need for troublesome settings each time charging and discharging are performed. The input power terminal uses USB Type-C, which is easy to supply from a mobile battery. (Quick Charge or Power Delivery is recommended) It is a multi-cell charger equipped with various other functions, but it has various protection functions such as reverse connection protection / overtemperature protection circuit / overcapacity protection function, and the battery just by inserting the battery into the slot. Since it has a function that automatically detects the type and automatically starts charging (when the setting is not changed manually), even beginners can handle it with confidence. * When using a AAA nickel metal hydride battery.

Original function only for SPEED HOUSE
? Charging capacity can be set and charging can be completed when the battery is charged to the specified capacity.
? Charging can be completed when the charging voltage is set and the voltage is charged to the specified voltage.
? Record the average discharge voltage during discharge. By setting the discharge time arbitrarily, it is possible to select batteries with strong discharge power according to the assumed running time.
? Charge / discharge cycle can be set from 1 to 30 times

(Notes on using the multi-cell charger)
? If you are a beginner, be sure to use the charging current and delta peak cutoff voltage with the initial settings. These two settings are for advanced users, so incorrect settings can damage the battery.
? The discharge current can be set up to 1.0A, but since the resistance is fixed, it decreases according to the voltage.
? You can use the XX650 lithium-ion battery with a total length of up to about 70 mm equipped with a safety device. Batteries longer than this will not fit in the slot and cannot be charged.

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