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MC3WLS Double-Bearing Pro Adjustable Ball Differential Kit

MC3WLS Double-Bearing Pro Adjustable Ball Differential Kit

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This is the latest in differential technology for the 1/28 scale.

Unlike conventional adjustable ball bearing differentials, this differential utilizes

a thrust bearing to control axial loads. This makes the distribution of power to

each wheel more precise, providing a smoother throttle feel and a more

consistent driving experience.


- High Quality Thrust bearing made in Japan

- ABEC 5 radial bearings

- Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grade 5 balls

- no more e-clip required! this differential uses a special threaded nut. This allows you to keep the same settings you had before cleaning/taking apart the differential unlike traditional ball diffs which will require losing your setting

- comes with a set of precision injected molded Delrin 64 pitch gears and pinions

52, 53, 54 Tooth Spurs

9, 10, 11, 12 Tooth Pinions

- titanium coated D-cut washers (compatible with PN Racing differentials)

- 304 stainless steel precision cut shaft

- T7075 anodized aluminum parts

For any wide width 2WD 1/28 chassis

Compatible with Kyosho MR-03, GL Racing GLR/GT, Atomic MRZ

Designed in Canada, Made in China


Packaged kit weight: 20.68 grams

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