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UARTLINK-III programming cable (ANDROID)

UARTLINK-III programming cable (ANDROID)

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This newest high-speed UARTLINK-III programming cable to connect Swave-E2 & Swave-W, W2 and W3 to Android devices (not IOS) has higher download and upload speeds that your setting change process and the firmware update is a breeze. 

Swave's ESC requires OTG (On The Go) protocol to communicate with Android devices.  Most latest Android devices have OTG.  If you are not sure there are some free of charge apps available in Google Play™ use to check your device.

UARTLINK-III provides with OTG Micro-USB connector on the phone end, for Type-C USB Android device require to use "USB Type-C Adaptor", available HERE
If you have your own Type-C adaptor make sure the adaptor support OTG, some adaptor came with the phone doesn't support OTG communication protocol, it's only for charging purpose.

** This cable not for Swave-E

"Swave ESC" programming app available to download from Google Play™ either download the apk file from HERE to install manually

The firmware update process needs to run without interruption otherwise that can render the device unusable.  Processing time depends on the specific hardware configuration of the Android device and the quality of the internet data speed.

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