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BZ3 MID Conversion Kit

BZ3 MID Conversion Kit

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This conversion kit convert the BZ3 to "Middle Spur Gear" configuration. The front and rear belts has equal length. The advantage of identical length belts Front/Rear so that the power delivery is smoother and more balanced.
Car has less dive during deceleration, and less squat when acceleration. And Chassis Flex F/R is more balance as well, all features adding up then we have a chassis that is easier drive and have faster cornering speed.

!!!!!Please note that, this chassis does not able to fit kyosho autoscale bodies because there is no room for the side body mount. !!!!!!


Carbon Fiber Main chassis
Carbon Upper Deck
Carbon Servo Plate
Carbon Battery Top Plate
Carbon Battery Clip A (for 330mah battery)
Carbon Battery Clip B (for 360mah battery)
MID Motor Mount
Servo Mount
Battery Mount
71T Belt
Servo Push Rod
Screws and Accessories
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