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DES 131 Speed 11.2mm Digital Servo (ZH Connector)

DES 131 Speed 11.2mm Digital Servo (ZH Connector)

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Works for Atomic BZ3, AMZ, maybe DRZV2 and FFZV2
Works for GL Racing GLA V1
Works for MC3 FR02

You may need to change the wiring on the plug which is easy to do.

Designed with precision components for durability and long-life operations, the Graupner DES 131 Digital Micro-Servo with ZHR Connector delivers maximum torque and speed with minimum weight. Don’t be fooled by the small size: you will be surprised with the precision, torque and speed the DES 131 can deliver, making it the perfect choice for micro application with any indoor/park fly model.

Perfectly compatible with any of our Graupner HoTT radios the DES 131 is ideal for the GR-12SC/ZH receiver due to its compact, lightweight size and real-time telemetry.

The DES131-ZH can be specially programmed to meet all your needs via the free Graupner Servo Setup Software.


Digital servo featuring dynamic torque, excellent Speed, superior response and holding torque
Programmable Digital Circuit and SMT circuitry
1024 high resolution
Supporting 6-16µ depending on programming
Supports a wide range of frame rates 20Hz-400Hz
10-bit processing circuit


DES 131 Digital Micro-Servo
Horn set
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