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Freedom Rail Pin™ (45 pack) for Foam Tiles

Freedom Rail Pin™ (45 pack) for Foam Tiles

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Welcome to an evolution in home and club track racing.

Add MC3 Freedom Rail Pins™ to your existing foam interlocking tiles, whatever their size, and some suitable foam rails*, to create a race track in minutes.

Due to their innovative design, Freedom Rail Pins™ allow you to create any sized track lane width letting you achieve maximal use of your available space.

This is just one component of our upcoming MC3 Freedom Rail System™

Each pin set consists of a top, bottom and (supplied) stainless steel screw*.

*This system is compatible with RCP Tracks 50cm Foam Rail Kits: SETR-C55020-01, SETR-C55030-01, SETR-C55050-01

*To use this system, you must own a 1.5mm hex head driver.

This product contains sharp objects.
Keep product away from minors.
Handle product with care at all times.

Each rail pin set:
10.26 grams
4.5cm diameter base x 3.3cm height x 4.5 cm
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