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PN Racing Mini-Z MR015/02 Dual Spring Center Shock Set

PN Racing Mini-Z MR015/02 Dual Spring Center Shock Set

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Center spring helps to off load weight of car from T-plate. T-plate can stay flat with no curvature.

This gives the T-plate maximum freedom to twist for consistent roll control and better traction.

Thru-shaft design maximize length of cylinder for smooth operation.

Extra cylinder surface area increase effectiveness of damping oil or grease when used.

Thru-shaft arrangement also results in constant amount of overlap between shaft and cylinder for consistent damping thru out travel.

Adjustable coil over shock spring

Adjustable negative spring. Addition of negative spring controls the shock during bottoming.

It dampens rebound for better axel control, and minimize momentary traction loss when going over large bumps.

Negative spring interchangeable with MR02 front springs.

Therefore wide range of springs can be used for tuning.

Optional Spring set MR2162 buy separate.
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