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MC3 Freedom Rail Pin™ pack for Foam Tiles Instructions   Top
Congratulations on your purchase of the MC3 Freedom Rail Pin™ pack for Foam Tiles.

WARNING: Freedom Rail Pins contain a sharp point when taken apart; use care when handling; keep away from minors.

Freedom Rail Pins™ are compatible with any foam tile that you may own, however are engineered to work with RCP Tracks 50cm Foam Rail Kits: SETR-C55020-01, SETR-C55030-01, SETR-C55050-01. It is also possible to replace original RCP Tracks rail pins with Freedom Rail Pins™.

TIP: It is possible with the Freedom Rail Pin to secure rails anywhere, however we recommend using the space where tiles interlock as a hole in the tile will not be required. However, if you want to use a spot other than that, use care to poke the bottom part of the rail pin through from the bottom of the tile and then immediately place the top part of the rail pin on top of the Rail Pin Shaft to avoid unnecessary risk. Follow the directions below to secure the rail pin set together. Holes that are made in the tiles using this method are very small and do not impact handling of the cars. Holes tend to shrink or go away significantly after a period of time.

Use Freedom Rail Pins to secure the Rails to your tiles. Use care to separate the bottom and top piece of the Freedom Rail Pin. Keep the top on, but make enough room to be able to slide the tile in between. Place the bottom piece (Disk with stainless steel shaft) under your tile. Make sure to align the pin’s location with regard to the hole in the rail. Once it is in place, use a 1.5mm Allen Key or driver to screw in the stainless steel cap head screw into the rail pin top. Use care to tighten until the top no longer slides on the shaft of the bottom piece. Secure the rail by squeezing the two top edges of the rail pin together. Then slide the foam rail onto the rail pin. Let go and the rail pin will secure the foam rail. Repeat until all rails are secure.

CAUTION: Over tightening can strip the rail pin hole. If this occurs, simply use a suitable sized drill bit to drill another hole into the rail pin top.

TIP: The difference with other systems is that they use jigsaw type pieces and require two tiles to create a lane; this system eases creation by allowing you to use a single rail to define the race path/lane. It is possible to create a fixed width lane, a decreasing width lane, increasing width lane or a combination of some or all types. To create a fixed width lane, use the area where the tiles interlock to secure Freedom Rail Pins™.

Storing and Care Tips

WARNING: Do not use anything but water to clean your Freedom Rail System™ Parts! Failure to comply may result in damage to the finish and in extreme cases, damage to the structural integrity of parts.

It is recommended that your foam tiles and this system be placed on a flooring surface other than unsealed concrete. This is due to the fact that unsealed concrete can sweat resulting in drying out of materials, which for foam, can result in crumbling and for plastic parts, structural damage resulting in breakage or severe premature wear.

If any part of your rail system needs cleaning, simply wet a cloth with water, squeeze to get rid of excess water and wipe the surface.

Due care has been taken to ensure paint, where it exists, for plastic parts and the painting process used is of great quality and can withstand years of use, however, it should be expected that paint will fade or mark during use.
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