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SALE: X-SPEED MINI-Z Motor Checker
Manufacturer: Kyosho
Part Number: MZW124
Store Retail: $214.99
Price: $129.99
Quantity: (1  in stock)
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MZW124 X-SPEED MINI-Z Motor Checker Optical rotation speed checker of brushed and brushless motors for the MINI-Z series. A motor checker that can measure accurately. Rotation adapter with a reflective sticker can be attached to the shaft of the motor to accurately measure the motor RPM. Input power supply voltage corresponds to 5.5V to 8.4V, and a power cable compatible with super plug is attached. Includes wiring with an alligator clip that allows you to easily connect the terminals of the brush motor. When measuring the brush motor "BREAKIN" mode Measure the state of the motor at any voltage from 1V to 5V (in 1V increments) Displays voltage/current consumption/rotation speed (RPM)/elapsed time/shows motor performance Performance: Displays the commutator status by comparison with the start of rotation. Brushed "CUP MODE" mode Measurement mode for vehicle inspection of MINI-Z Cup. When it starts, measurement starts automatically, and reverse rotation is measured following forward rotation. After the measurement is completed, the difference between the forward rotation speed and the reverse rotation is displayed, and it is possible to easily judge whether the motor is compatible with vehicle inspection. (Motor timing) When measuring brushless motor "MANUAL" mode Measure the state of the motor at any voltage from 2V to 5V (in 1V increments) Rotation speed (RPM) and current value measured by both optical and electrical signal methods Brushless "CUP MODE" mode MINI-Z Cup vehicle inspection measurement mode. It is possible to select whether to measure the rotation speed by optical method or electric signal type. When it starts, it automatically measures 3 times and displays the number of revs and KV value. It is possible to easily judge whether the motor is compatible with vehicle inspection by displaying the average value of 3 times. KV value: Number of revolutions per minute for a voltage of 1V [Compatible motor] Brush motors and brushless motors for the MINI-Z series. Brush motor: MX016 / MZ9P / MZ9E / MZW301 / MZW301E / MD009P / MDW023 Brushless motor MZ504 / MZ603 / MZ604 / MZ605 / MZ606 / MZW501 / MZW503

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