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Swave-ZM V2 3500KV motor
Manufacturer: Ensotech
Part Number: ZMV23500KV
Store Retail: $70.49
Price: $69.99
Quantity: (2  in stock)
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Why has Ensotech decided to manufacture sensored motors themselves?
Simply because Ensotech does not recommend to use a non-equivalent mechanical timing motor which the motor rotates in un-equal speed also to create an un-equal induced voltage to burn Swave ESC !!

As the first develop the sensor technology on brushless 15mm car motor best matched with Swave ESC. Why limit your Swave ESC’s performance and VOLID THE WARRANTY by using a non-certified sensor motor!

* Perfectly set mechanical sensor timing, by state of the art technology to provide a fair race in between each Swave racers having the same timing advance motor performance.
* Efficient heat dissipation
* High-quality bearing, sensor components, magnet, silicone steel core all of these to assurance timing advance and performance under high heat environment
* Long motor shaft holding tight to plastic pinion gear

Motor Type: 3 Phases, Slotless, Brushless
Poles: 2P
Motor Can OD: 15 mm
Motor Can Length: 25 mm (exclude sensor socket)
Motor Can Length: 27.20 mm (include sensor socket)
Motor Shaft OD: 1.97mm
Motor Shaft Length: 8.50 mm
Motor Shaft Flat Spot: YES
Power Cable: 3pcs x 100mm pre-soldered blue color soft cable
Weight: 19g include motor wire

1 x Ensotech Swave-ZM V2 3500KV motor
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