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MC3 KMD-FR01 Screw Set
Manufacturer: MC3
Part Number: MC3_KMDFR01_SS
Store Retail: $22.99
Price: $19.99
Quantity: (5  in stock)
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Majority of parts are titanium (GR2):

Upper and lower arms:
2x4mm (x4) titanium machine screws (counter sunk)

Front Bumper:
2x6mm (x1) titanium machine counter sunk
2x6mm (x1) titanium tapping
2x4mm (x2) titanium tapping (optional, you don’t need to use it but the holes are there)

Front Nose:
2x6mm (x2) titanium tapping
2x4mm (x1) titanium tapping

Top Chassis Cover:
2x12mm (x2) titanium tapping
2x8mm (x4) titanium tapping

Servo Holder:
2x6mm (x2) titanium tapping

T-plate holder and T-plate:
2x8mm (x2) titanium Tapping counter sunk
2x8mm (x2) titanium Tapping

MC3 High Speed Stability Kit
2x8mm (x2) titanium tapping

Motor Mount:
2x4mm (x2) titanium machine (for t-plate)
2x6mm (x2) titanium machine (for engine)
2x6mm (x1) Steel set screw

Disc Damper:
2x6mm (x2) titanium tapping
2x6mm (x1) titanium machine (for post)
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