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PREPAY: MC3 KMD-FR01 Open Wheel Racer Chassis Kit
Manufacturer: MC3
Part Number: MC3_KMDFR01
Price: $249.99
Quantity: (0  in stock)
Available to order. It may take 1-2 more weeks for delivering.
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MC3 brings fun and fast back to open wheel racing with this chassis kit modelled to 1/28th specs.

This is a high strength 3D printed kit. The material is nylon and printed using SLS technology, meaning high precision. It's akin to commercial plastic injection molded parts.

**This chassis kit is currently only compatible with brushless electronics and motors.**

The kit includes:

- Main Open Wheel Racer Body
- One piece, high strength, Bumper and Front Spoiler
- Front Nose
- Detailed, Functional Rear Wing
- Main chassis which includes Servo motor cover
- 3, 2 x 4mm nuts for chassis (1) and motor mount (2)
- 2, 2 x 6 hex caphead stainless steel screws for motor mount along with 2 flat & 2 locking washers for thr motor mount
- Rear Motor Mount
- Main Chassis Top Cover
- Double A-Arm Suspension Arms & Adjustment Sleeves
- Chassis Stiffening Battery Clips
- High Strength Steering Knuckles

This chassis kit includes the following design features:

- Styling after 2017 Formula 1 regulations
- Front bumper includes integrated toe-bar holder; no need to tear apart the whole front end to change toe-bars!
- Main Chassis
- Drop-in compatibility with Kyosho MR03 Brushless VE/PRO board (chassis only compatible with brushless coreless servo motor)
- Uses Kyosho F1 toe-bars
- Compatible with Kyosho/R246/PN Racing F1 front knuckles, recommend using the included
- Double A-Arm Front Suspension System with plastic upper arm adjustment sleeves
- Using the sleeves, it is possible to adjust camber from 0 degrees to 3 degrees in 1 degree increments
- Caster is adjusted simply by sliding the arm on the adjustment sleeve; no need for washers!
- Droop is adjustable as is ride height and up stop
- Used PN Racing Double A-Arm Front Springs and Spring Pins
- Rear Suspension is T-Plate based, featuring adjustable wheelbase
- Uses Standard MM sized T-Plates from any manufacturer
- Wheelbase is adjustable from the standard Kyosho F1 setup (130mm) by 4mm increments
- Compatible with MC3's High Stability Kit
- Comes with MC3 Coloured Height Adjustable Axle Spacers
- Rear diffusor to help create rear downforce for added stability
- Compatible with MR03 based disc damper systems (only PN Racing tested and recommended to date)
- Compatible with MR03 based oil shocks (only Kyosho tested and recommended to date)
- Adjustable rake Rear Wing
- Must use F1 differential
- Must use brushless motor; optimal sizing is 15mm diameter (PN Racing motors) for maximum gearing options

See the attachment below to see what is needed in order to complete assembly (THESE PARTS NOT INCLUDED)

In addition to the manual, here are some build "How To" videos:

Setup and Painting Tips below!

235536990_MC3 KMD-FR01 Assembly Instruction Manual V1.1.pdf
235536990_MC3 KMD-FR01 Parts Needed List V1.1.pdf
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