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Current racing location closing June 12- online store continues to be open    Top
The time has come for us to close the doors at our current racing location (3710 Nashua Dr) after an amazing 16 years of serving the racing needs of mini-z enthusiasts in the GTA and surrounding area.

Don’t worry- we are working on a new location for racing and hope to be back in the fall.

Our online store will continue to operate and we will continue to stock lots of parts and kits to continue to support your racing addiction.

We will wrap up operations in the current location after our “Summer Send-Off” race happening June 10 and 11th. Please make sure to come join us in celebration of an amazing run of fun and success to date.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has contributed to making Mini-Car Club of Canada a fun, welcoming and exciting place to race for over 16 years! There are a ton of you. I will post a list of all contributors soon.

Right now, I’d like to call attention to a few individuals I could not have enjoyed this crazy adventure without:

“Aunt” Susie (without her we would not have had a space to have so much fun in) best of luck to her in retirement (she is turning 93 this year)

“Big Daddy” Hugh Lawson - do you remember the crazy amount of dirt and dust we had to clean from the machinery and space when I got permission to use the space? It was literally 40 years of accumulation. Appreciate all the help to get the place ready. Not to mention setting up the track’s Facebook page.

Thom- thanks for operating the fork lift to move the defunct manufacturing equipment from the room to make way for the track and facilities, putting up the huge racing posters and convincing Susie to let me have the space for my crazy RC crack addicted Mini-Z ways. Not to mention helping to build the dnano track that nobody used except for a few times

Eric- really appreciate the hookup for all the huge racing posters when we first opened; it really made the space look the part.

Kevin “Bavarian bullet”- I want to extend a special thank you for your support (Kevin helps to usually rebuild, maintain and tune all my cars and put up with all my suspension theory questions). It’s been a fun ride so far and I look forward to continuing the adventure….from launching the FR01 formula one chassis to the Mini-Z Guide we published (it’s even available in Traditional Chinese!) it’s been fun and there is always something new we are working on together.

Fai- a special thank you to you as well. When I first started to import high quality components from China so that racers had consumables that were reasonably and easily available, you asked me if I was interested to make a part to sell (the MC3 quick change wheel nut). We ended up making this in collaboration with Cristian from Reflex. This started our journey of becoming a manufacturer. So thanks for setting me on this course.

Casey, Cedric, Philip- thank you for your support over the years. Coming each week to support the shop and track.

Damien - really appreciate you building the drivers stands - there have been literally hundreds of people use them over the years.

Mo- thanks for helping remove the racking last fall so we could increase the size of the track in preparation for our resurrected Fall Classic annual race.

Allan- thanks for the support and letting me bounce ideas off of you. I admire and can identify with your general love of racing and the willingness to support all scales and tracks. Thanks for helping to make people aware of the mini-z (1:28) scale.

I want to thank my wife who has supported me in this Mini-Z addiction for 16 years plus. Thanks Babe!

I look forward to continuing to support the community through the online store and hopefully by the fall, a new permanent racing location.

If you weren’t called out specifically and stepped up, I apologize in advance. It’s hard to think back over 16 years and try and encapsulate into a handful of paragraphs and not miss anyone.
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