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MC3-WLS, a new manufacturer is born
Price drop on all Atomic options
New atomic order Has arrived
MC3-WLS, a new manufacturer is born    Top
Announcement: MC3 (Mini-Car Club of Canada), the company that has brought you the only tuning and suspension theory book on miniz in the world (2016) and the first double a-arm, tri-damper rear suspension F1 car on the market (2017), among other great products, are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Wing Lee Shing engineering. The partnership will be known as MC3-WLS. This partnership will allow us to combine our deep understanding and passion for this scale with mass manufacturing expertise. We are very excited for the future and look forward to bringing you top quality, performance-focused products using mass production technologies.

We will have another announcement shortly about a truly innovative product that wlll be compatible with all manufacturers RWD chassis. It's something you will want and once you understand it, you'll realize it's something you need.

We will be looking to support a select number of like-minded, passionate racers along and to partner with retailers to help raise awareness of our brand, values and of course, amazing products to come.

Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) will continue to exist as a separate entity to the partnership and will continue to be a racing facility and online shop based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada supporting all popular racing manufacturers as we do today.

Please be patient with us as we setup our various social media sites and main website.

MC3-WLS: Race parts done right.
Price drop on all Atomic options    Top
We already had the best prices on Atomic chassis kits but through recent a review found we could lower the selling price of Atomic options to be more competitive and match if not have lower prices than other Atomic distributors. Pricing sometimes can be changed up or down and depends on a number of factors such as the dollar exchange rate fluctuates or shipping costs increase/ decrease such as due to COVID. We have been able to offer these decreases due to the large volumes we have been purchasing thanks to your continued support! so thank you.
New atomic order Has arrived    Top
Includes restock of items like black edition mrz and some new stuff like mrz sway bar kit. Also includes amz kits and necessary upgrades.
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