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Paper Models- HSV, NSX, Pit Lane, etc...
Paper Models- HSV, NSX, Pit Lane, etc...    Top
Check out this link below. There are many paper race cars and associated things (transport truck, etc...) you can build:

Click on ay of the black boxes with text, i.e. "Racing Car", "Pit", "Epson NSX", "HSV-010 GT, etc...

For example, click on "Racing Car", it will take you to a page with different racing cars you can print/assemble. Just click on the car you want to build/print.

After clicking on a specific car, there will be blue boxes at the bottom of the web page. Click on them to print/see the assembly instructions and the other will have the car design. All are pdf files.

Everything is in Japanese, but easy to figure out.
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